This is the story of the Bulletweek App.

There is lots of ways to get organized.
Some people let all their tasks stack up.
Others like to make lots of lists of tasks.

Like everybody I tried lots of ways as well either on paper or with apps and through time I noticed a pattern.

Tasks that don't have a clear deadline from the moment I write them take the risk of being mixed and lost within all the other tasks.

Because I write lots of tasks to get things done to avoid forgetting things I encountered this problem often.

I went back to paper with the Bullet Journal™ which was a blessing because it helped me take the time every day to think about what had to be done.

For years I used a Bullet Journal™ on paper but it wasn't practical carrying around all the time and I missed some features that could only be done with an app.

After searching for an equivalent I found nothing that fit the way I get organized.
So I decided to build my own app. An app that would reflect the most important features to stay simple, minimal while providing the right tools to stay organized & declutter when necessary.

It's such a nice feeling to be able to do things in time, the Bulletweek app help achieve that.

Bulletweek is build with SwiftUI only which is why you will need the latest version of iOS.
It's a work of patience, it took me a year to write almost full time.

This app may not be the one for you, like I said earlier, there is lots of ways & apps to get organized that's why using a new organizing system takes a bit of time at first but with time it pays off.

If you never came across the Bullet Journal™ I encourage you to take a look at it.

You might find bugs. Please report them at this address
Missing a feature ? Shoot an email.